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The North Aegean Islands: With the blue Aegean in the background, nature creates unique images ...

They seem inaccessible, remote from the mainland and other island groups. And yet, if somebody considers their beauty, they understand that they are well-hidden treasures, far away from the cosmopolitan "hustle and the bustle". Samos, Ikaria, Chios, Limnos, Thassos, Samothrace, Fourni, Psara, Agios Efstratios and Inousses are suitable for nature lovers, explorers of culture and genuine beauty, travelers chasing exciting experiences.

The image of the north Aegean Sea can be described as follows: picturesque villages, traditional settlements, each one with its own distinct culture, with mansions and castles, taverns by the sea, beaches 'drowned' in greenery, exotic waterfalls and fascinating caves. On the islands of the North Aegean Sea time stops and enjoyment starts!


Journey in the myth

Archaeological sites, landmarks of the ancient world, marked the course of Greek culture. The journey in the myth starts from Samos, Pythagoras’ island and the famous cave in which the philosopher was  hidden, chased by the tyrant Polycrates. It  continues through the mysterious atmosphere of Kavirian Mysteries which were held in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, the charm of Heraion in Samos and in the temple of Artemis in Ikaria.

Who could stay calm at the sight of the castles of Molyvos and Mirina? Who would not feel awe in front of the grandeur of the 'rich' Nea Moni of Chios and Virgin Kakaviotissa’s in Lemnos mosaics ,among inaccessible cliffs, on the top of the mountain? Authenticity, genuine, beauty and duration through the time ... The three features that differentiate the great sights of the islands of the North Aegean Sea!

Refreshing dives on beaches of incomparable beauty

Some of the most particular, the most distinctive beaches on the whole Aegean are found here. In Chios, the beach of Mavra Volia is characterized by black pebbles of volcanic origin, while in Thassos Giola reminds of a natural pool with its deep-green waters, constitutes an attraction for thousands of tourists every year.

It’s a  ‘must’ to visit the indented coastline of the North Aegean  and Skala of Eressos in Lesbos, the Seychelles and the beach of Na with the background of the temple of Artemis in Ikaria, the  busy Pahia Ammos and the "wild" Vatos at the mouth of the homonymous gorge of Samothrace. Ideal for every holiday, whether with family or friends, the remarkable coasts of the N. Aegean are distinguished for their natural beauty and crystal  waters.

Activities which "exploit" the rich natural environment!

Your summer on the islands of N. Aegean is foreseen intense! These destinations combine the developed coastlines with the natural landscapes to explore. So on your holidays, besides swimming and water activities, such as Wind Surfing, Kite Surfing and Diving on organized beaches, mostly those of Lemnos, Chios and Lesvos, hiking can be added on small and large green trails and caving, such as the cave of Halaris in Ikaria or the cave of Olympus in Chios, with the impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Tasty tours on the islands of the North Aegean

The initiation to the flavors of the islands of the N. Aegean could not but start with a glass of ouzo! The primacy, of course, belongs to Lesbos, with the most famous choices of ouzo Mini and Plomari. In Samos you will be carried off by its wine! The variety Muscat is famous throughout Greece.
The full glasses of wine, when they are combined with dishes of similar quality, are taken off. The honey paste  is probably the most famous kind of cheese in Lemnos, which you should seek for. In Ikaria and Samothrace you will be impressed by the mastery with which the local meat is cooked while in Chios the mastic and the homemade sweets gives you the sweetest and happiest note ...

The main sightseeings of the islands of the North Aegean:

  • Chios: The Castle of Chios and the Ottoman Baths (Hammam) inside it, the mastic villages, from where the most famous product of Chios ,the mastic, sets off, the archaeological museum and the monastery of Nea Moni, a proclaimed monument by the World Heritage of UNESCO..
  • Lesvos: The Castle of Molyvos and the rare fossil forest, aged 20 million years.
  • Lemnos: The imposing castle of Myrina, the Ammothines, reminding of a desert in the heart of the Greek island, the archaeological site of Hephaestia and the chapel Panagia Kakaviotissa, the only church that you will come by without a roof!
  • Samothrace: The famous springs of Vathres, forming waterfalls and natural pools, the archaeological museum with a copy of the Victory of Samothrace and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, where the Kaveiria Mysteries were held .
  • Thassos: The waterfall outside the village Kastro, the beautiful seaside of Gkiolas and the Ancient theater.
  • Samos: The archaeological site of Ancient Miletus, Thales’ birthplace, the waterfalls outside the area of Karlovassi and, of course, the Heraion, the ruins of the temple of the goddess Hera.
  • Ikaria: The forest of Randy, with the rare species of oak-tree Aria, the canyon of Halaris, ideal for nature lovers and the castle of Nikaria.


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The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

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