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Modern, comfortable and especially welcoming environment, the POSTO GONIA stores in Patras are located at:

  • Patron - Athens 4
    National, Patras
    How to get here →
    • 2610 450 050
    • 2610 451 313
    • 80 111 80222
    Distribution:12:00 - 02:00

  • 25 Omonia Square & Gounari Square
    Omonia, Patras
    How to get here →
    • 2610 333 000
    • 2610 333 510
    • 80 111 80222
    Distribution:12:00 - 02:00

In all shops you will find a wide variety of salads, burger, club sandwich, chicken, pork round, kebab, chicken pan, crepe, Cypriot pie, pasta, burger, pie covered, sandwich, seffall, schnitzel, chicken souvlaki, pork skewers POSTO CORNER met all sanitary manufacturing specifications, availability and distribution of the dozens of different products with great flavors and variety of combinations.

Choosing the finest meats, fresh vegetables, a great variety of tasty cheeses and quality raw materials, POSTO GONIA stores are a guarantee for their customers. They are open 24 hours a day and have a modern DELIVERY system with their own network and also with cooperating with well-known food distribution chains e-food and Click Delivery

The POSTO GONIA  stores are renowned for their highly trained staff, who with speed, courtesy and above all knowledge of all the secrets of a well-baked and garnished meal creates satisfied customers.

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Πλατεία Ομονοίας 25 & Γούναρη 146


Νέα Εθνική Οδός Πατρών - Αθηνών 4

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694 2011211


2610 450 050

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