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Ithaca: the ornament of the Ionian

The Homeric homeland of the wily Odysseus, which marked both the beginning and the end of his mythical journey, is the same place that thousands of years later was celebrated by K. Cavafy in his poem which bears the island’s name. Ithaca, the small ornament of the Ionian Sea, with its aristocratic character, charming serenity and beautiful sea and landscapes rightfully steals the heart of its visitors. An island with strong traditional elements, beautiful settlements such as Vathy, picturesque villages like Kioni, sapphire blue beaches, scenic routes and a luxurious infrastructure, it is an island that maintains a low profile and attracts visitors who are looking for peaceful, relaxing holidays far from the hustle and bustle of the more cosmopolitan islands.

The Cave of Loizos

The cave of hidden treasure, located outside Stavros took its name from the explorer who first discovered the cave’s valuable secrets in 1868. Today, though it remains underwater, there is the opportunity to see remarkable finds from the Early Helladic up to the Roman period which are on display in the Archaeological Collection of Stavros on Ithaca.

The Village of Anogi

As you approach the most mountainous village in Ithaca, Anogi (Upper Land) you will see megalithic rocks scattered all around it. The name given to these impressive rocks is “Menir”, the most famous or which is called “Arakli”. In the same area, you can also find two of the most important and ancient religious sites on the island; the church of the Dormition of the Virgin with a Venetian belfry, which dates back to the 12th century and just a short distance away, the church or the Panagia Kathariotissa, the patron of the island.

Lazareto: the small island in the bay

A small, pine-wooded island dominates the bay of Ithaca, a short distance from Vathy. Lazareto once served as a quarantine station. Today it is home to the hidden church of the Transfiguration of the Saviour.


Some features that all Ithaca’s beaches have in common are their turquoise water, small white pebbles and the lush green vegetation that surrounds them. From the bustling, organised Filiatro with all the amenities, to the celebrities’ favourite Skino, secluded Gidaki, counted amongst Greece’s most beautiful beaches, the white sands of Aspro Gialo and rocky Afales, all are peaceful and secluded with sparkling clean water perfect for lovers of both swimming and natural beauty.


The beaches of Ithaca are ideal for all kinds of activities. Swimmers will love the crystal clear water, while the caves, shipwrecks and reefs will appeal to divers. Kayaking is also becoming more and more popular mostly due to Ithaca’s impressive selection of sea routes and caves.


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Zakynthos (Chora)

Ithaca: the ornament of the Ionian The Homeric homeland of the wily Odysseus, which marked both the beginning and the end of his mythical journey, is...


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