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Patra: The "muse" of Achaia!

Patras is the city of pride. Visitors know it before they come, the residents are glad! It is just two and a half hours from Athens, making it one of the most famous destinations, all year round. Famous for its great Carnival, its sweet wines, its busy streets and its full-service shops, it constantly reminds you that they rightly call it the most "vibrant", the most "explosive" city in Greece!

Pattern Carnival forever!  

Pattern CarnivalIt is no exaggeration to say that, all year round, the city of Patras is working hard for the famous Patriarchal Carnival. The Patriots employ all their passion and inspiration to create chariots and fancy uniforms ready to excite the thousands of people who flock every year from all corners of Greece in order to participate in the celebration that celebrates the day and ends with the Great Parade on Halloween Sunday.

The streets are flooded, mascars dancing and singing, mavrodaphne flows ample, at the most impressive, colorful celebration, where the joy and liveliness are kept unabated! Patina Carnival is a guarantee of fun! Besides, his "hymn" clearly says ... "Patriotic Carnival forever ... Come to live crazy!


Patras squaresFor coffee in the squares, a walk in the alleys, fun until the morning!

Riga Feraiou, Maizonos, Agios Nikolaos, Hephaestus, Gerokostopoulou, Georgiou Square, Marina, Psilononia, Ano Poli. The most commercial, the most "vibrant" points of the city! Shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, are flooded daily by people of all ages. The "explosive" Patra is synonymous with fun!

Achaia Clauss Winery: The home of sweet Mavrodaphne!

Achaia Clauss WineryThe tradition of Achaia in wineries is known. That is why, on your way to Patras and within the city you will find famous wineries, ready to guide you to the wonderful world of wine production. One of the most famous, the first winery that was founded and operated in Greece is the Achaia Clauss winery, which in fact first produced the sweet Mavrodaphni wine. It is a classic destination for wine lovers, organizing daily tours at its facilities.


A Look at the History of the City ...

Saint Andrew's Temple: The Greatest Temple of Greece!

Everyone knows the famous church of Agios Andreas, the patron saint of Patras, which dominates the imposing city. How many, however, know that this is the largest temple in Greece and the third largest Orthodox church in the Balkans? Its erection begins in 1908, next to the old temple of Saint Andrew and is inaugurated 66 years later, in 1974! Built in royal style, the interior is decorated with Byzantine-style wall paintings. At the top of its dome is a golden cross, 5 meters long, which is surrounded by 12 smaller crosses. Altogether the temple covers an area of ​​approximately 1,800 sq.m.

The celebration of Saint Andreas is celebrated every year on November 30th and is a holiday for the city of Patras.

Archaeological Museum of Patras  

Archaeological Museum of PatrasIn the newly built building of the Archaeological Museum that was inaugurated in 2009, you have the opportunity to be inaugurated in the Achaean tradition. His exhibits cover the time span between the Mycenaean and Late Roman periods, from excavations that took place in the city and in the wider region of Achaia. It is worth visiting, on the one hand, to admire its impressive architecture (the metal vault at its entrance is typical!), On the other hand, to get to know the "other side" of the city.

The visit to the Mycenaean Cemetery of Mount Vounnes reveals another aspect of the historical past.

The castle  

Built above the city, on a hill of the Panachaios Mountain, 800 meters high, the Castle reminds of the uninterrupted struggles of the residents, which lasted from the first years of its construction (on Iustinis) until the Second World War. An excursion to Kastro is imperative, since you have the whole city at your feet from your open space!

Rion Antirion bridge   

Rion Antirion bridgeThe grandiose work was the inspiration of Charilaos Trikoupis, who, however, did not realize it because of the high cost. This majestic construction connects the Peloponnese with Western Greece, facilitating travel and commerce. It is a trademark of the city and a modern technological wonder, as it is considered one of the largest cable bridges in the world, with a length of more than 2,000 meters.

Roman Conservatory  

Roman ConservatoryA building of Roman architecture, located in Upper Town, west of the Castle. It was characterized by Pausanias as one of the most important Conservatories of antiquity, due to its majestic decoration. Adapted to modern needs, today it hosts a variety of events of the city's "International Festival of Patras".


Tentoura: The sweet temptation of Patras!

GastronomyIntense, sweet and intoxicating in taste, with a dark look. Soak cinnamon, carnation and aromatic herbs. Tentoura, also known as Muscovetra, is the most famous liqueur of Patras, known from the time of the Venetians. Served at the end of dinner, as a digestible liqueur.

It is a fact that the Patrians are aware of good drink and entertainment. That's why a visit to Patras can not be combined with wine and other traditional beverages. Mavrodaphni, Muscat Rio and Roditis are the three most famous varieties of wine, with distinctions all over the world.

The traditional, aromatic loukoumas of Patras will sweeten your way, while the excellent dairy products and the first quality oil are at the top of the list with what you have to buy by leaving!

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Patra: The "muse" of Achaia! Patras is the city of pride. Visitors know it before they come, the residents are glad! It is just two and a half hours ...



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