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Glyfada is the heart and soul of an Athenian Riviera



In the hub of Southern Athens one can feel the town pulsating with life. Glyfada, as though it were a glamorous filmstar, has become the reference point of the southern suburbs, a real gem just 17 km from the center of Athens. Wide roads, scattered 'breaths' of green, the famous entertainment clubs, the restlessness and chic aesthetics justify the title of most attractive Athenian neighbourhood!


The Air of summer all through the 12 months of the year

   Glyfada exudes a feeling of summer all year round. A ride down the waterfront will convince you that the sun and the sea have entered its inhabitants’ DNA. Sauntering by the sea is an integral part of daily life throughout the year and in particular during the summer months, thousands of swimmers flock to the beaches and then enjoy the seafront promenade, in the spectacular light of the sunset! Asteras, with its shallow waters, its splendid sandy beach, which rates as one of the most stylish, well-equipped beaches of Attica, with umbrellas, deck chairs and the flamboyant beach bar, for coffee, food and refreshing cocktails.


Malls and rich marketShopping

  Taste and variety: You will see this in both large and small stores of the Athenian suburb. The market of Glyfada could not but display the character and the feel of the area, its top features being an atmosphere of elegance and refinement. The proof is also in the very residents who are well-dressed, who seem to enjoy the sweet "bustle" of the market, which is flooded with visitors daily. The buzz at the shops never stops. Understandably, so!

Entertainment and nightlife 

 Entertainment and nightlife Both residents and guests of the capital know that Glyfada is a guaranteed choice, as it has plenty to offer in terms of food and leisure. Beach clubs, music halls, sophisticated wine bars, trendy cafes and elegant restaurants fill up with people who flock to one of the liveliest parts of the city. Recreation lasts until the early hours, with plenty of fun and dancing but above all, the unflagging liveliness of the residents. Choose clubs and beach bars along the seaside road with breathtaking views of the Saronic Gulf, clubs which offer you the chance to enjoy a drink or some great cocktails by the sea. A true... “mid-summer night's dream” experience!

ActivitiesGolf club

  In addition to the classical favorite activities such as water sports, Glyfada offers benefits that you  can  hardly find in the rest of Greece. A typical example is one of the few golf courses that exist in the country, which has hosted some of the greatest sporting events. On its grounds you will find lush, landscaped for the needs of the sport knolls, a pond and the church of St. Demetrius.


 Glyfada is easily accessed by car, through the seaside road or frequent routes of public transport.

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Glyfada is the heart and soul of an Athenian Riviera   In the hub of Southern Athens one can feel the town pulsating with life. Glyfada, a...


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