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North Evia, the perfect destination ...

   Located just a few hours from Athens, Evia rightly takes its title of ideal destination for travelers looking for the most affordable solution for either long or short trips. Dense forests, rivers, waterfalls, crystal clear beaches and picturesque villages compose the profile of the second largest Greek island. The combination of natural mountain beauty, with broad, beautiful beaches, render the northern part of the island one of the most popular tourist options in Greece.

The beaches, bathed in the blue of the Aegean ...

  The beautiful beaches of Northern. Evia, both on the side of the Aegean, and Gulf of Evia, have the quality of well hidden treasures. To touch the magic, you need to wander along verdant, exciting routes.
  Whether sandy or pebbly, organized or not, with a beach bar, cafes and taverns by the sea, the beaches of North Evia can ensure either peace and quiet lively crowds, depending on your preference.
  See St. Anna with the famous camping,  Lihada with its "tropical" Lihadonisia islets, picturesque Limni, Pili with its beautiful sandy beach, organized Pefki, crystal Hellinika, the "deep" Psaropouli (Vasilika) with its exquisite taverns, Neos Pyrgos, Achladi, Rovies, Chrysi Akti and a loads of other spread out or tiny beaches, famous or little known, which you will come across on your way. Feel free to roam and explore them.
  Those of you who love water sport, Pefki beach is suitable for Kite Surf, while in Hellinika you can swim up to the islet with the little church of St. Nicholas. It is located in the center of the natural cove and very near the coast.


From history to the present day ...

  The great history of the island remains indelible in time, kept in folk museums housed in beautiful mansions and small chapels. All the historical and the religious path of the island unfolds in rooms with costumes, impressive mosaics, rare documents, photographs and Byzantine icons, bits and pieces ...The Historical and Folklore Museum of Limni
  Visit the Historical and Folklore Museum of Limni and be transported back to the fights of the Limnians in 1821, admire the mosaics and coins of Roman, classical and archaic era, meet the traditional loom and its weaving.
    The quiet and sheltered Monastery of Saint David, at the foot of the mountains "Horseman" and "Xiron Mountain", opposite the village of Drymonas, is dedicated to the memory of the Transfiguration.  The church of the monastery is a shrine to the miraculous bones of the Saint , the pilgrimage of which, thousands of people attend, throughout the year.
  One of the few European petrified  forests, the fossil forest of Kerasia, is located between Kerasia, Pappades and St. Anne. It has become an area of great ​​scientific interest, while excavations conducted in the area have unearthed mammal fossils, as well as logs of the endangered Evian oak spieces. The finds are displayed in the museum of Paleolithic Finds of Kerasia, where the palaeontological richness of the area is under the supervision of specialists and are naturally available for the public to see.
  The famous monastery of St. John the Russian in Prokopi, is one of the most important pilgrimages in Greece. The bones of St. remain intact and are kept in a shrine inside the temple.
  In the folklore museum of Agios of Edipsos the daily lives of local residents are replicated. Impressively organized into three different levels, it  travels  in time and presents the everyday moments of the inhabitants of Agios through the costumes, the weaving, the loom and other household utensils they would use. Specially designated areas will remind you of the professions of the tailor, the carpenter, the grocer, the cobbler, while you will have the opportunity to learn about the cultivation of olives and its important role in the local economy.

'Wild' natural beauty

  Gorge BolovinainasThe heart of dense forests and leafy vegetation of North  Evia, is the focal point of pristine natural beauty. The Drymonas  waterfalls, at a height 620m are located between the villages of Kerasia and Drymonas. It is believed that they got their name, either  from the dense oak forest (pines and oaks), or on account of the severe [drymy] cold that prevails in the area during the winter months. The rapids of the river form ponds, with countless hidden beauties. hiking along marked trails specially designed for you to explore.
  The river Neleus flows along  the well hidden gorge Bolovinainas, close to Agia Anna. It crosses  dense forests of plane trees, oaks and pines, and it is 1400 meters long. There are many points where you need to wade to continue your journey. Explore the rich fauna of the region and enjoy the clearings strewn with flowers. The dense vegetation creates landscapes of unsurpassed beauty!

The spa of Wellness

  Known for its hot springs, the spa of Edipsos is the most popular destination of Evia. The myths associated with the famous spa town hold that Goddess Athena asks Hephaestus to create the spa so  that the semigod Hercules can return there to heal his wounds and relax after his labours.
   Today Edipsos attracts famous personalities and the famous spa are recognized worldwide as one of the most famous places of relaxation and wellness. The city's masterpiece is the restored luxurious hotel group in the region Thermae Sylla, but also the EOT Hydrotherapy, with modern hydrotherapy units.

 "Taste" Northern Evia ...

  It is known that the wine and gastronomic activity in Evia has always been intense. The Evians arenot afraid to experiment  with taste, to combine and interweave the seemingly opposites. Those who decide to visit the northern part of do not forget to enjoy the psarokeftedes with marine anemone (known as "galipa"), Lolo Octopus, rooster with gkogklies, eggplant with frumenty, tiganopsomo, sweets from grape juice as soutzouki and talismans and traditional nougat. You can also purchase agricultural and livestock products, such as fresh cheese, frumenty, figs and olive oil.
   A glass of wine will wonderfully accompany your meals. Allow local producers to show you the exquisite world of wine and indulge in the rich aromas. Both Istiea and Edipsos are renowned for their vineyards and the intense development of wine making in recent years.


  Access to north  Evia is relatively easy and can be had either by car, passing over  the High Bridge of Halkida, which facilitates travellers coming from Athens or N. Greece, or by Ferries, for the convenience of residents of Northern Greece.
The routes are:

  • from Arkitsa to Edipsos (with access at the 150th km on the National Road Athens-Thessaloniki / Thessaloniki)
  • from Glyfa to Agiokampos (with access at the 250th km on the National Road Athens-Thessaloniki)
  • from Agios Konstantinos to Agios Georgios Lichadas
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The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

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