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The jewel of the Mediterranean, with its multifaceted character, welcomes you!

  In the land of a thousand shades of colour, the bright blue sky touches the colourfulness of the continental mainland and the deep blue of its seas. Greece with its great history and monumental sights, is praised worldwide for its morphological uniqueness, which makes it a destination of 4 seasons. Steep mountains, dense forests, lakes and rivers are combined with the lively and highly developed tourist coastline. While in the summer months the Greek archipelago is flooded with travelers enthusiastic about the liveliness of the Greek islands, in winter months the mountainous villages with their traditional architecture and nobility are honoured.
Greece, the Mediterranean gem, welcomes you and promises you unique experiences, whichever season of the year you decide to visit it!


Its offer to Culture ...

The Greek history The book of Greek history includes chapters that changed the course of the entire western world. In ancient Greece the idea of ​​the city state was born, structured under the first democratic form of government. In Symposia, philosophy was developed, in the outdoor theaters   ancient drama was praised as well as comedy, dancing  and poetry. For the first time in the history of   mankind meditation met art and created the foundations of modern civilization.
  The creations of ancient Greek architecture, sculpture, pottery and jewelry have been preserved and admired till today, some in the neat chambers of the museums and others in their natural, outdoor locations. Plenty of archaeological sites await you to discover them, to touch by yourselves  the magic of ancient Greek craftsmanship which has survived for centuries. Ancient Greek, Byzantine and later Christian churches, all of them are magnificent, deserving your attention and reminding you of the importance which was attributed by the Greeks to the worship of the divine from ancient Greece and its Twelve Gods to modern Christian reality.

Tradition in gastronomy with Mediterranean flavors ...Greek food

  In the country of hospitality, company and the Sunday dinner, food holds a distinguished position. The Greeks love eating, so they take care to combine quality in materials and taste, always with the right amount. The traditional cuisine of the country includes some of the major benefits of the Mediterranean diet. The base of most recipes is olive oil, the ingredients of which have been linked with well-being and longevity. Products of the Greek land and livestock have been honored worldwide for their beneficial properties and their incomparable taste. Honey, mastic, the saffron of Kozani, sweets and cheeses, such as feta and cream cheese, fascinate both in traditional and in modern recipes, and their demand is great Traditional flavorsabroad.
  The Greek table cannot be considered a true one of course unless it is accompanied by filled glasses! Our country is famous for its wines, made from excellent varieties of grapes, the famous ouzo with aniseed,  raki and tsipouro, with the best  Cretan spirits, the perfect accompaniment to seafood appetizers - and not only those. Greece,however, means  good food, company and fun!

The endless blue of the Greek seas ...

Greek IslandsSun, heat, heavenly blue ... The summer breeze drifts you to one of the famous Greek beaches. Ouzo and appetizers are served by the sea. And then, swimming in the crystal waters of the seas.  Nighttime strolls through the narrow streets, cocktails, music and dance in the crowded nightclubs, until the first light of the sun and then rest, in one of the luxurious tourist resorts. The magic of the Greek islands will thrill you!
The Aegean Sea has been identified with the Cycladic white and deep blue. The famous, cosmopolitan islands welcome millions of visitors each year, including famous international renowned personalities. Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Tinos, Naxos ... Their organised beaches are filled with bathers, and their stone pavements with the small balconies and bougainvilleas  excite  with their beauty, their beach bars promise  dancing and fun till the early hours. On the other side, the Ionian Sea with its exotic, awarded worldwide beaches, the medieval castles which hide the great history of centuries inside, the hospitable inhabitants, the luxurious marinas and the unparalleled gastronomic flavors complete the Greek island scenery.

Activities satisfying all tastes!Activities

Whether you find yourself in a mountainous village of the continental region, or in one of the hundreds of Greek islands, the activities offered for you in Greece vary. You have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of options, including hiking, going through sites and dense forests, climbing  one of the Greek mountains, rafting in rivers that emerge through the hillsides, wind surfing, kite surfing, sailing , beach volleyball and diving at organized beaches of the coastline. The entire sea and mountain world is open before you to explore and fill your moments with adrenaline, tension and entertainment.

Nightlife a la Greek ...

Nightlife in GreeceYour holidays in Greek territory could  be accompanied by unforgettable evenings with dancing, singing and wild fun. After sunset, pulses rise. The stylish bars are filled with people, colorful cocktails and drinks pass from hand to hand, music fills the air.  When it gets dark, the cosmopolitan clubs are prepared to welcome you. If you want relaxation, you can select one of the famous Greek restaurants or wine bars, to enjoy good food and drink with the accompaniment of lounge music. In the abundance of Greece, however, your choices will never dry up!

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The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

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