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The Dodecanese: A breath from the East, the twelve diamonds of the Aegean Sea...

The Dodecanese reflect the charm of numerous cultures...

Rhodes, Kos, Patmos, Kalymnos, Symi, Nisiros, Kastellorizo, Kassos, Karpathos, Astypalea, Chalki, Lipsi ... Twelve islands adorn the eastern side of the country. Although they were attached to it in 1948, they are not only an integral part of Greek culture, but also its great exponent. In style and Aegean architecture, white and blue are combined to create fairy Lands. With blue, crystal waters and either sandy or sometimes pebbly beaches ,are  officially included in top destinations worldwide for demanding visitors!


Creative activities  for "complete" holiday

It is indeed important, how many different things you have the chance to do in the Dodecanese. Whether you choose places with either lasting tourism and nightlife, beach bar and organized beaches such as Rhodes and Kos, or quiet and secluded islands such as Kastelorizo ​​and Karpathos, be sure that at no time you will not feel... something is missing. The reason? The islands of the eastern cluster are ideal for water sports, diving, religious tourism, mountaineering and hiking, all on magnificent and very impressive landscapes. Rhodes sets a characteristic example of an earthly paradise for surfing, while Kalymnos, Karpathos and Leros are suitable for diving. Patmos is considered one of the most important spots of religious tourism in Greece while in Simi one of the most interesting cultural festival takes place every summer. Just choose what entertains you and the Dodecanese will offer it!

Cultural Masterpieces

Do you wish to include educational character outings in your holidays? Do you love history and culture? Are you interested in stories of the past? Then take advantage of your stay in the Dodecanese with visits to the folklore and archeological museums of the islands, to the castles and monasteries, to the and impressive monuments of nature. Visitors are excited by the fairy, medieval city of Rhodes, the worship and treatment area of ​​Asklepios in Kos, the Cave of the Apocalypse and the Monastery of St. John the Theologian in Patmos, the volcano of Nisiros and the blue cave of Kastellorizo. The picturesque lands with the white, whitewashed mansions of the Dodecanese are ,in their turn, the most interesting expression of the Aegean architecture. The enviable charm of the Dodecanese is felt on every step of yours!

Choose the beach that suits you...

The list of beaches of the Dodecanese is long. Not only because of the large number of islands you will meet in the complex, but also because each of them has many and different beaches. The cosmomolitan  Elli, Ialyssos, the Faliraki of entertainment , the beaches of Lindos and the famous  worldwide   "The canons of Navarone" the beach of Anthony Quinn, are must-see options in Rhodes. On the top shores  you should add the Psili Amos and Vagia of Patmos, the Appela and Kyra Panagia of Karpathos,  overlooking the monastery with the red dome, St George Dysalonas in Simi, the Paradise beach in Kos. Fascinating are also the beaches  Kounoupas and Koutsomytis, on traditional, small islands just a short breath from Astypalaia. The options never dry up as your interest and desire for exploration remain undiminished. Their waters are guaranteed clean and their organization on most of them excellent. The most isolated, especially on the smallest islands of the complex, are suitable for moments of absolute tranquility and contemplation.

Gastronomy delights!

Since the Achaeans and the Dorians, the Turks, the Knights up to the Italians who dominated  on the island of Rhodes, the Dodecanese cuisine has been enriched with flavors of Minor Asia, the Mediterranean, N. Africa and Italy. For this main reason, you encounter a jumble of flavors, a direct consequence of the cultural spread of its conquerors. Characteristic  dishes of the Rhodians are the pitaroudia with chickpeas, rice with cuttlefish ink, the lacani (veal meat) which is red-shimmered  in the oven and sweet melekounia,a  kind of sesame. Equally renowned are the Vineyards of Rhodes. In Kalymnos you will taste the authentic barley loaves, sun dried octopus and lobster tail, in its every possible form. In Patmos do not miss trying  the local cheese-pie, reminding the tart and sweet pouches stuffed with walnut and almond paste. In Kos you will cool off by the traditional decoction kanelada and you will be sweetened with  the delicious baklava, while in Simi you will enjoy the Symi shrimps!

The main sights of the Dodecanese:

  • Rhodes: The medieval Old Town, the Palace of the Grand Masters and the hill with  the butterflies
  • Patmos: The cave of the Apocalypse, the monastery St. John the Theologian  and the beautiful  Mainland with the whitewashed mansions  and narrow streets.
  • Karpathos: The picturesque villages Aperi, the capital of the island until 1892 and Olympus on the top of the  hill, alternating between white and colorful houses, the windmills and the spectacular view of the Aegean.
  • Kalymnos: The Kefalas cave with its impressive stalactites and stalagmites, the magnificent temple of Saint Sava in Pothia, the island's capital city and the Castle of Chrisocherias with the three distinctive windmills in a short distance.
  • Kos: The ancient Temple of Asclepius, the Roman house and the castle of Neratzia.
  • Astypalea: The windmills in the country, trademark of the island and the Venetian castle.
  • Simi: The monastery of Panormitis, the Archaeological-Folklore Museum and of course the magnificent mansions that adorn every corner of the island.
  • Tilos: The monastery of Saint Panteleimon, the abandoned Small Village with its stone houses and cave Charkadio where bones of dwarf elephants  were found.
  • Leros: The Belenis Tower that serves as a folklore museum and the Pandeli Castle (or Castle of the Virgin Mary).
  • Nisyros: The volcano of the island and the museum of volcanology.
  • Kastelorizo: The Lycian Tomb, symbol of relations between the island and Minor Asia and the blue cave.


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The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

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The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

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