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Achaia: A destination, countless choices!

A prefecture just a challenge for the most demanding visitor! If you want days full of joy and liveliness, with plenty of choices in the fun part, choose one of its cities. If you want to relax, go to one of the picturesque settlements. In the prefecture of Achaia you will find luxurious accommodation, good food, countless activities in the mountains and the sea, attractions that will take you back to time and fabulous locations among lakes, forests, rivers ... Choose Achaia, any time of year and if you want to escape. You will be rewarded!


Brief tour of the most important cities and villages of the prefecture...

Patra MarinePatra holds the title of the prince of the prefecture of Achaia! It is its capital and one of the most developed, tourist and commercial parts of Greece. Many characterize it as a city of prosperity. Emphasizing the part of the entertainment, its inhabitants have created a very welcoming environment for the visitor, with countless choices in food, drink and accommodation. The most important sights are the temple of Saint Andreas, the city's patron, the oldest winery in the country, the Archaeological Museum of Achaia Clauss, with exhibits from the Mycenaean to the Late Roman period, the Castle and the Roman Odeon of the Upper Town, Rio-Antirion bridge with its magnificent Venetian castles at its two edges.

Vouraikos Gorge

 Kalavrita is among the most famous winter destinations in Greece. Both the picturesque character, the traditional stone accommodation and the warm atmosphere, as well as the famous ski resort of Helmos (one of the largest in the country) contributed to this. Their beauty is truly unsurpassed, a fact that is confirmed by a short walk through the small streets, where you will come across stunning mansions, such as the Tower of Petmeas. Within a short distance, there is the famous cave of the lakes, a rare creation of nature with 13 successive ladders in its interior and the famous Agia Lavra Monastery. An important attraction of the wider area is the Odontotos, which crosses the Vouraikos Gorge, taking the Diakopto-Kalavryta route.

Historical Kalavryta has been linked to the heroic struggles of the Greeks during the Revolution of 1821 and during the German Occupation. For this reason, most of the area's historical sights relate to these two major periods of time. The Holocaust Museum, the Place of Sacrifice and the Monument to the Heroes of Fighters pay tribute to courageous fighters. 

Kalavryta MuseumAegio, Akrata and Diakopto are three beautiful seaside destinations, ideal for relaxation, diving in crystal clear waters and good food. The beaches of Kalogria, Akoli, Panagopoula, Lakopetra, Logos, Seliniatika and Psathopirgos are some of the best and most well organized beaches of the prefecture.
Villages such as Zarouchla, Planitero and Daphne are distinguished for the picturesque, lush vegetation and running waters, ready to flood you with joy from the first minute!
Whatever part of Achaia you choose for your vacation will be unforgettable.


Pattern Carnival forever!   

Patras CarnivalDance, singing, cheerfulness, vibrancy, colorful uniforms and chariots full of imagination ... Every year on Halloween, Patras is "well-known" to welcome young adults from all over Greece to the most spectacular celebration that culminates on Sunday of Halloween with the great parade! In the days leading up to the peak of the celebration, dozens of events enrich the country's top Carnival meeting, with Hidden Treasure being a key component of the success of the Patriot Carnival and a cornerstone of its events.


Cogwheel: Travel to the magic of nature. 

A unique route begins from Diakopto to Kalavrita. The Odontotos train passes the Vouraikos Gorge, defying the slopes of the terrain, the narrow passages, the trees, the slopes and the steep rocks. Fully in harmony with the natural environment, Odontotos is a trademark of the region and is one of the most beautiful routes in the Balkans. Get rid of and you will not miss!

Lake Tsivlou: The alpine landscape of Achaia! 

Lake TsivlouA landslide about 100 years ago created an unparalleled landscape. Lake Tsivlu has nothing to envy from alpine landscapes. Surrounded by chestnut trees, fir trees and pine trees, it has turquoise waters of depth 80 meters (a number that varies depending on the time of year and rainfall) and is an important wetland of the area. Access is easy all year round, however, the most enchanting pictures will be seen in the winter, when the snowy slopes embrace it!

Churches of the prefecture     

The churches and monasteries of the prefecture are innumerable, each with its own distinctive feature, intertwined with its course in time. In the Holy Monastery of Agia Lavra the Honorary Lava of the Revolution of 1821 was erected by the Old Patron Germanos, which is kept until today. St. Andrew's Church in Patras is considered the largest of the country and one of the most important orthodox pilgrimages. In the imposing monastery of Megalos Spileo (near Kalavrita), built in the opening of a steep, vertical rock you will meet the impressive icon of the Virgin, made of wax and mastic. The Virgin Mary of Tripiti and the Monastery of Pammegiston Taxiarchon in Aegio, the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Makelaria and Panagia the Plataniotissa in Kalavryta are just some of the temples to visit.   

Kalavrita Ski Center: Crazy slalom and snow games... 

Kalavrita Sky CenterOne of the most famous ski resorts in the country is Kalavryta. Eleven slopes expect professional and beginner skiers to explore, feasibly testing their winter sports skills. Are you skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile or sleighing? At the Kalavrita Ski Center you will experience the adventure. If you try again for the first time, no problem. Inside the center are operating equipment stores and learning schools! And if you prefer peaceful, relaxing moments overlooking the snowy slope, your chalet awaits for a hot drink next to the fireplace.

Activities for the whole year! 

Let the noise of the city leave behind you and let yourself be in the throb of nature ...

On the banks of the Ladon River, south of the village of Dafni, there are facilities for canoe kayak & mountain bike, in the Alykes wetlands you will experience bird watching and kite surfing on the beach, Panagoula beach and Tsivlou lake you will diving in the ski resort Kalavryta, ski, snowboard and sleigh, in the gorge of Vouraikos hiking... You will prefer mountain, sea or maybe both?


Traditional LoukoumiaOn the gastronomic map of Achaia you will find all kinds of delicacies, as well as wonderful wines that will ideally accompany your meal. In Patras you will "sweeten" with the traditional loukoumia, Mavrodaphne and the aromatic tentura, the digestible liqueur produced exclusively in the city. In Kalavrita you will taste the first quality meats, in the Pammegiston Taxiarchon monastery in Aegio you will get the most beautiful rose-sugar, in Planitero will pleasantly surprise the tasty, river trout!
By leaving, remember the ... supplies for the house! Dairy, oil, legumes, wine, honey ... The fertile Achaean land gives you generously!

When you are in the prefecture of Achaia...

  • Wander to Marina Patras, Pharo of Patras and from there to the ever-growing South Sea Front of the city. A walk and a sea view will fill your batteries. The pedestrian street of Riga Feraiou constitutes a new proposal for every visitor of the city to enjoy its coffee in a variety of tastes and tastes.
  • Visit one of the many wineries of the county. Achaia has a tradition of good wine. A test will convince you!    
  • Try the river trout in Planetro. Great bonus location, with the enchanting platanadosos in the foreground! 
  • Travel with Zodotos and leave to the magic of Vouraikos. Take the most beautiful photos! 
  • Enjoy your meal at one of the taverns of Kalavrita or the surrounding villages. Fresh, well-fried meats are their specialty.






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Patra: The "muse" of Achaia! Patras is the city of pride. Visitors know it before they come, the residents are glad! It is just two and a half hours ...



Aegio, the "balcony" of the Corinthian! Aegio is the second largest city in the Achaia district and the capital of the Municipality of Aigialeia. It ...



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Lake Tsivlou

Lake Tsivlou: The alpine scenery of mountain Achaia!  On the slopes of Helmos, among the firs, pines and chestnut trees, a unexpected spectacle unfo...


Cave of the Lakes

Cave of the Lakes: The Miracle of Achaean Nature...  The famous Cave of the Lakes is an impressive destination, 17 km from Kalavryta, a breath away ...


Agia Lavra

Agia Lavra: The Tower of the Revolution of 1821!  The Holy Monastery of Agia Lavra is located 5 km from the city of Kalavrita, built on the green foo...


Cog railway

Cog railway: The most special tour of nature! Get on the most impressive railway line that crosses green landscapes, defies ravines, highlands and st...


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