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Thessaloniki: Meet the nymph of the Thermaic

 ... It is one of the most beautiful Greek cities, no one can challenge it. Jewel of the North, the nymph of the Thermaic as Greeks tend to call the second largest city Thessaloniki, with warm people and always hospitable attitude evolved over the years into one of the better organized European cities.  The reason; It managed to tie the ethnic elements of populations kept within her with the intense cultural character of festivals and cultural events and, of course, the endless desire for fun, as confirmed by the National Geographic, when included in the ten cities worldwide with the best nightlife.

What is ultimately Thessaloniki?

  The answer is "experience", with many, distinct aspects. Come to meet!


The White Tower…

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman occupation, probably in the 15th century. The history of exceptional interest, as part of the fortifications and military camp during the Turkish occupation.  Before finalizing the current name, referred to as "Fortress of Kalamaria", "Tower of the Janissaries" and "Tower of Blood" because of the torture and executions Janissaries were making to convicts serving long sentences prisoners.  In 1890 it was whitewashed by a Jew imprisoned convict, who won in this way his freedom. Since 1985 it serves as an exhibition space, while from 2008 and thereafter hosts the exhibition which recounts the chronicle of the creation of Thessaloniki and its course until today.  Do you finally have the opportunity to combine your walk on the beach with a highly educational visit to the most characteristic point? From the top you can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city and of course of the Thermaic Gulf.

From the arch in the Rotunda and the Roman Forum...

One of the typical stops of a visitor in Thessaloniki is the Arch of Galerius, also known as Camara. Built in the 4th century. AD., it was used in order to honour the emperor Galerius for the victory against the Persians. Within walking distance of the Arch, you will find the Rotunda, an imposing circular building that was destined for the Zeus temple and in the course of centuries was used as a Christian sanctuary and as a Muslim mosque.  The Roman Forum, in the city centre, served as a point of cultural activity in the first centuries after Christ. Today you will meet beautiful mosaic floors, arcades (with leading the Crypt Gallery, to support the square above), part of the Roman baths and part of the Conservatory that operated there.

The famous Ladadika

The historic district sung and praised as the ultimate entertainment spot has managed to maintain its traditional character, integrating the necessary elements of modernization. The large pedestrian area with taverns, cafe and clubs offer many quality choices mainly in food and drink, so it is one of the favourite places for city residents and visitors.

The Tsimiski market

The most important market of Thessaloniki with lively shops and unstoppable movement is able to serve all your needs clothes and shoes of excellent quality. Here you will find large department stores, and smaller shops with clothes, shoes and accessories, and boutiques fashion brands. Your choices are added cafes, cinemas, bookstores and restaurants. A street with proposals that fill your entire day!

The city's history through its museums and its churches

The capital of the north hosted and accepted numerous populations’ payments of different cultural backgrounds. The contribution of these residents in shaping the Thessaloniki character is evident.

Numerous museums that, you will meet in the city; have to tell you each a different story.  The Archaeological Museum, with the presentation of all facets of the Macedonian evolution, since prehistory, the Byzantine Culture Museum with collections coming from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine Thessaloniki and Macedonia, the Jewish Museum, with objects, documents, costumes and all that survived from the Jewish presence in the city, until the second world war and the State Museum of Contemporary Art, with important paintings and sculptures by Greek and foreign artists are just some of the dozens of sites that you can visit.

If you wish, during your stay in Thessaloniki to meet its temples, surely you should not miss the imposing church St. Demetrius, patron saint of the city, the Vlatadon Monastery Upper Town, with its magnificent panoramic view from the top, the Holy Temple Saints Twelve Apostles, with its unique mosaics and frescoes, and the Holy church of Virgin Mary, with the same name, miraculous image.

The castles and the Upper City ..

One of the most beautiful places you will encounter, with unique architectural style and magnificent views of the Thermaic is undoubtedly the Upper Town. Full of cobbled streets and homes that have survived from the Ottoman period, remains the only piece of the city that has not suffered damage during the great fire of 1917. The uniquely beautiful scenery is complemented by the existence of the walls surround the Upper Town, which were built after the founding of the city and worked for many centuries fortifications. Nowadays, the part of the walls that survived, Highlights is the Triangle Tower, which served as the arsenal and the heptapyrgio or Yedi Kule used as a shelter.

Fun and Relaxation, tick tie...

It is true that in Thessaloniki nobody has countless options for food and drink. The Thessalonians seems to know how to entertain you and this is apparent at the particularly cared places to eat and drink. The same, naturally hospitable and smiling, they would care to enlighten in the right places, according to your preferences.

Apart from the famous beach with its cafes and bars, you will meet several shops at the large, central Aristotelous Square. The restaurants on the square Athonos as Ladadika will steal the heart to gourmets, while well kept, relative to other entertainment spots, Bit Pazar, with lovely period buildings that were converted into taverns will impress you.

If, however, you feel that you need some relaxation and wellness, then head to one of the refreshing spas or one of the Oriental traditional Turkish bath, with all the modern touches and amenities.

Culinary delights from Thessaloniki

There are certain flavours, inextricably linked with Thessaloniki and its history. Beyond the classic thessalonian dishes you enjoy at snack bars, taverns and pubs in the area, your visit must be accompanied by specific tests.

The famous stuffed brioche in many different flavours and sizes are definitely your first choice. Continue with panorama triangles, stuffed with cream or chocolate, sweets policies, like Kazan dipi and of course the favourite in all bougatsa pie, with cheese, cream or minced. Impressive are the variations at the classic bun with sesame, which is filled with everything you can imagine and it is delicious.

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the news garden

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the

The trademark of the nymph of the Thermaic, the White Tower in Thessaloniki was built during the Ottoman  more...

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