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Cyprus Villages - Traditional Houses Nothing compares with a holiday in the serene environment of a village tucked into the hills of Cyprus. Cyprus ...


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Larnaca: a coastal destination setting the standard for tourist organisation ...

Hosting the international airport of Cyprus, Larnaca is one of the most important and easily accessible cities of Cyprus. Where the modern city is now, was the ancient city of Kition, which was an important Kingdom of the island.  Today Larnaca is a beautiful seaside city, developed for the tourist industry, with large hotels and numerous leisure facilities.

Hala Sultan Tekke: Myths and Psalms from theEast ... 

The Hala Sultan Tekke mirrored on Larnaca Salt LakeThe most famous mosque of the Turks of Cyprus lies West of Larnaca. It is called Hala Sultan Tekke and has a special place in the heart of pilgrims, because of the tomb located inside it of Umm Haram who was said to be a relative of the Prophet Mohammed. The mosque was built in 1787 and is still considered one of the most important places of worship for the Turks.

Khirokitia: the first signs of civilizationCyclical homes in Choirokoitia

The hallmark of the Neolithic settlement of Khirokitia are the odd circular homes.  Even though they date back to around 7000 BC when they witnessed the installation of the first peoples on the island, they were discovered in excellent condition during the first excavations of the 30s and 40s and are still preserved to this day.  The village has been declared a Monument of Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

The arches of the old aqueduct

The Arches are the most characteristic point of the old aqueduct When at night the arches are illuminated, an imposing building can be seen. The arches are the most characteristic spot of the old aqueduct and considered one of the most important and defining structures regarding the city’s water supply. They were a gift from the dignitary Abu Bekir Pasha and construction took place in 1750.

The Church Of St. Lazarus ...The Byzantine church of Saint Lazarus

 The Byzantine Church of St. Lazarus was built in the 9th century A.D. on the site where Lazarus was buried the second time. Lazarus, according to the Scriptures, was resurrected the first time. He arrived in Cyprus hunted, trying to escape the condemnation of the Pharisees and priests.  The eventful history of the temple is confirmed if one considers that it has been used as a Catholic church, as a Mosque and ultimately as an Orthodox church. It is especially worth noting the Saint's tomb, which is located inside the temple and can be visited, as well as the Church Bell Tower, which was built during the Frankish rule of the island.

Beaches with "exotic" character! 

Phinikoudes are very popularThe exotic Palm trees that adorn the promenade of Larnaca gave their name to the most famous beach of the city. In “Finikoudes” entertainment is everything. The sandy beach is packed during the summer months and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy water sport.  Diving is extremely popular since located in the heart of Larnaca is the Zenobia wreck, which attracts thousands of divers every year.  Along the promenade with its shops, cafés, restaurants and major hotels the traffic never stops.  Castella Beach moves at a similar pace of entertainment. It has earned a blue flag, boasts crystal clear waters, it is sandy, organized and "divided" as far as tourists are concerned as it attracts both families and the young crowd.


Sheftalia In restaurants and taverns along the promenade of Finikoudes you can try famous Cypriot delicacies such as halloumi, sheftalia, steamed artichoke and marinated pork, afelia combined with zivania, the most famous drink of Cyprus which is reminiscent of raki.



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