Hike Delphi to Ancient Port of Kirra

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The route Delphi - Kirra rests on the ancient trail that connected the port of ancient Kirra with the Oracle of Delphi.

In ancient times Kirra existed as a fortified city that controlled access to Delphi from the Corinthian Gulf. This strategic location of Kirra allowed its citizens to rob pilgrims on their way to the Delphic Oracle, and to collect taxes and annex sacred lands from Delphi. This behavior prompted many of the other tribal entities of the adjacent regions to form the Amphictionic League, an alliance for the protection of the cult of Demeter in Anthele and of Apollo in Delphi. The Amphictyony consulted the oracle for advice on dealing with Kirra, and the reply was a call for total war. The members of the League vowed to completely destroy Kirra and ravage the surrounding areas. To this they added a curse in the name of Apollo: that the soil should bring forth no crops, that the children of the women and livestock should be deformed, and that the entire ethnic group that inhabited the city should be eradicated. The ensuing war lasted for ten years (595 BC-585 BC) and became known as the First Sacred War.

We follow a downhill path and a rural road that take us from Delphi to the edge of the Chrisso village, ancient city of Crissa that hosted the visitors of the oracle.
Following the footsteps of ancient pilgrims, we will continue our tour in the heart of the famous Crisaean field olive grove. We will enjoy the unique scenery noticing the silver-green foliage of the olive trees changing color depending on the time of the day, and admire the naturally carved trunks of hundred-year-old trees.  We will savor a traditional pick nick stop in the shade of an old chapel and discover together the taste of different sorts of olives. Our hike will end at the ancient port of Kirra.


  • English speaking Guide
  • Traditional picnic

Other Info

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Light hiking shoes
  • Hut, sunglasses, sun cream
  • Waterproof jacket during winter months
  • A liter of water

practical information

Duration Approx: 2.30 Hours
Start at our garage : 13, rue Corcelle(s), 33000 BORDEAUX.
Bottle of water and bikes provided
Free for babies – Baby seats (up to 35 kgs) available

activity highlights

Approx 15km guided bike tour.
Discover Old Bordeaux and the newer districts
Tour of the twi bridges offering great views over the city, the Garonne River and the Quays
Our professionnal and friendly guide speaks French, English and Spanish

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