BORDEAUX ESSENTIALS: Only a few hours biking around Bordeaux to enjoy the most of it

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After meeting with our Wine Expert outside the Acropolis Metro Station, we will begin our 2 hour journey through the grapes and wines of Greece by taking a wonderful tasting of wines and various products from all over the country.

Greece is the first territory in Europe and one of the oldest regions ever to produce wine in the world. It is easy to understand that, with the earliest evidence of wine production going back at least 6.500 years, the art of wine making is deeply rooted in the traditions, religion and habits of Greece. From ancient times it has always been ranked among the five primary elements of our diet along with water, salt, oil and cereals. Wine from every part of the country was exported extensively and all around the Mediterranean, whether it was the prestigious Greek wines reaching Italy under the Roman Empire or the various wines exported from many Greek ports during the medieval times.

Greek wine was always characterized by a great variety and the highest of quality. During our tasting you will get great advice on how to identify, select and taste wine by our expert sommelier. You will go on a journey through the wine regions of Greece and get a much better understanding and knowledge about wine in general. In our preferred wine bar, situated only a few minutes’ walk away from the Acropolis Museum, we will offer you a marvelous taste of 8 glasses of wine from all over the country. Discover the differences between the extraordinary wines of Santorini, Crete, Monemvasia and Northern Greece.

By his refreshing approach, our sommelier will take you through a variety of products to build up your Greek wine knowledge. You will also learn how to combine our wine with various cheeses and smoked hams, all produced exclusively in Greece. You will be taken through the old varieties of Greek grapes, how and where they grow and the many styles of wine they make.

You will learn a lot about our wonderful wines and understand first hand why everyone in Greece loves enjoying a glass of wine. One thing is certain, when our tasting reaches its conclusion, you will for sure have fallen in love with all types of Greek wine!

Duration Approx: 2.30 Hours
Start at our garage : 13, rue Corcelle(s), 33000 BORDEAUX.
Bottle of water and bikes provided
Free for babies – Baby seats (up to 35 kgs) available

Approx 15km guided bike tour.
Discover Old Bordeaux and the newer districts
Tour of the twi bridges offering great views over the city, the Garonne River and the Quays
Our professionnal and friendly guide speaks French, English and Spanish

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