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To cross the gorge of Vikos we will start from the village of Monodendri to the village of Vikos. We will need about 45 to descend from the path to the riverbed, which is mostly dry. The area is distinguished by the intense variations in the natural landscape. Lush dense suburbs follow the gray of steep cliffs. The area hosts rare flowers and herbs. The Vikos Gorge is found in the Guinness Book as the less open gorge, just 1.100m. at its narrowest point and at the same time a depth exceeding 900m. With a length of 12km and a maximum height of 1,200m. is one of the deepest gorges in the world.

After about four hours of hiking in the canyon, we begin to climb up to the village of Vikos. We will need about one more hour to go up to the village. From the point where the path begins to ascend and on our right we can see the sources of the cleanest river in Greece and one of the cleanest rivers in Europe, Voidomatis.


mountain escorts
local transport
backpack, backpack, waterproof
snacks (nuts - raisins or dried fruits)
Tax 24%
You must have with you

Comfortable clothes and shoes
Waterproof jacket
A second change if you sweat
Water bucket
Hat or cap
Camera (optional)

practical information

Duration Approx: 2.30 Hours
Start at our garage : 13, rue Corcelle(s), 33000 BORDEAUX.
Bottle of water and bikes provided
Free for babies – Baby seats (up to 35 kgs) available

activity highlights

Approx 15km guided bike tour.
Discover Old Bordeaux and the newer districts
Tour of the twi bridges offering great views over the city, the Garonne River and the Quays
Our professionnal and friendly guide speaks French, English and Spanish

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